Find out more about the labels of our wines


The “La Baretta” winery has always been family-run, and it is precisely from the passion for wine that the family has decided to devote itself to the production of fine vines. But not only that, the family also wanted to convey their art and creativity through the labels of the wine bottles, thus combining the love of wine with the love of art.

The mother of the current owners of the company, Kathleen, a talented artist from a young age, has been the creative mind behind every single label of their wines. Thanks to her experience in the art world, she has been able to create real works of art on each bottle, imprinting her own imagination and unique style.

The first label she designed, that of the “Entusiasmo” wine, was created following her inspiration, and the result was surprising: a beautiful label that immediately attracted the attention of the public and which soon became an icon of the company.

Thus, Kathleen continued to design the labels of the other wines, always inspired by her own imagination and colours. Each bottle has thus become a unique work of art, capable of transmitting not only the quality of the wine but also the creativity and passion of the family.